What’s the Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

If you or your family is suffering from allergies and you suspect that it’s your carpet, then you must be wondering about what method is the best way to clean them. There are two major ways to clean carpets and that would be steam and chemical cleaning.

Each method has its own pros and cons so the better one is to find out which method would work would meet your needs best. Find out how steam and chemical cleaning is done so you can make an informed decision later on.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is interchangeably known as carpet deep cleaning. This is because steam cleaning can remove more than 96% of the bacteria and dirt from the carpet. It’s also the method that gets down to the carpet’s deepest layers so as to thoroughly clean it. So if your carpet has deep-seated stains, this method is the best one to use.

Steam cleaning makes use of water heated at a fairly high temperature. As such, it takes a lot longer to dry. Drying time would depend on the extraction system used and the thickness of the carpet. On the average, that would take 45 minutes to a few hours. If you have a really thick carpet, it’s possible that it will still be damp the following day. This is a disadvantage if you need to use the room soon. If that’s the case, you may want to consider the other carpet cleaning method available.

Chemical Carpet Cleaning

Using chemicals to clean carpets means using solutions to get rid of the germs and dirt from the carpet. Special carpet shampoo solutions are used and the method uses less water compared to steam cleaning. As such, your carpet will dry so much faster.

However, this method can only clean the upper layers of your carpet. If there are deep-seated stains, this chemical cleaning is quite ineffective. Also, be sure that the carpet cleaners are using eco-friendly chemicals on your carpet. It’s because there could be some chemical residue left behind and your family may be exposed to it. Before requesting for chemical carpet cleaning, ask first what types of chemicals they’ll use.

Steam versus Chemical Carpet Cleaning

If you’re a bit concerned about being exposed to chemicals, then steam cleaning may just be the better option for you. But then, the cleaning method that you should choose would depend on your own needs and concerns. Cost is also a good consideration. Either way, pick a method and a service provider that will assure you of great results. If you’re still unsure, you may ask your family and friends for help. Get some recommendations from them too.

Always remember that your carpet is an important part of your home and it does a lot of functions. It’s only right to make sure that it’s healthy and clean at all times. If you’re still undecided at this point, then try to do more research to obtain additional information on the subject. If you need further assistance, please click here. We provide carpet cleaning resources and services that may help you.

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